PRSP Courses


PRSP 1010. Perspectives in Liberal Arts. 1-1-1 Unit.

PRSP 1010: Perspectives in the Liberal Arts introduces students to academic learning and inquiry at the college level. These courses are based on a theme (chosen by the instructor) and will introduce students to college level research and writing in various disciplines. This course will help students develop critical thinking skills through integrative learning and encourage academic dialogue between first year students, faculty, and staff.(1-1-1)

PRSP 1020. Perspectives in Business. 1-1-1 Unit.

PRSP 1030. Perspectives in Education. 1-1-1 Unit.

PRSP 1040. Perspectives in Health Edu. 1-1-1 Unit.

PRSP 1050. Perspectives in STEM. 1-1-1 Unit.