Statement of Purpose

Mission Statement
Dalton State College provides a diverse student population with opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to attain affordable baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, and certificates and to reach their personal and professional goals. Through challenging academics and rich collegiate experiences, we promote lifelong learning, active leadership, and positive contributions in Northwest Georgia and beyond. 
Vision Statement
Dalton State College will be recognized as a first-choice destination college dedicated to the transformative power of education. By challenging all students to reach their full potential, we will nurture, inspire, and empower a diverse community of scholars in an accessible, learning-centered, and service-oriented environment. As an exceptional place to learn, work, and teach, Dalton State College will cultivate leaders who proudly serve and improve our community and our world. 
Values Statement
Our core values are the essential enduring tenets which guide the Dalton State College community. They set forth what we believe and define how we should conduct our affairs. At the heart of these values is the welfare of our students:
Opportunity and Access for All 
We believe all of our students can succeed and achieve their full potential.
Excellence in Teaching and Learning
We empower faculty, staff, and students to engage in the pursuit of excellence and innovation in
instruction, the acquisition of knowledge, and lifelong learning.
A Commitment to Service and Collaboration
We value a campus culture of service, engagement, and collaboration to advance the welfare of
Northwest Georgia and beyond.
Respect and Collegiality
We are committed to the intentional creation of a community of learners based on respect, civility, courtesy, and appreciation of different points of view.
A Culture of Accountability
We expect integrity, responsibility, and ethical behavior in all of our relationships and hold one
another and our institution accountable.
Diversity and Inclusion
We grow as a college and as individuals through the inclusion and valuing of different cultures and characteristics among faculty, staff, and students; we choose to be a place where the diversity of ideas, values, and perspectives is welcomed and respected.