Wright School of Business


The primary goal of the School of Business at Dalton State College is to provide students with the skills and attributes necessary to succeed in a competitive business environment. While our programs are designed to provide information to students in all the functional areas of business, we feel it is critical for students to develop excellent communication and problem solving skills. In addition, our students are expected to understand and appreciate the internationalization of commerce and the tremendous role of technology in today's business world. The School believes, as do most successful businesses, continuous improvement is the only way to provide quality service. We evaluate and revise our curriculum and teaching methods yearly to meet the changing demands of the workplace.

DSC School of Business Mission Statement

The School of Business at Dalton State College provides high quality undergraduate business education programs that evolve with the economy; fosters the success of traditional and non-traditional students in their professional careers; promotes faculty excellence in teaching, intellectual contributions and service; and contributes to economic development within the Northwest Georgia/Southeast Tennessee region.

To Our Students – The School seeks to create an academic environment emphasizing collaborative learning enhanced through innovative instruction which encourages student ownership of the learning process. We value each student as an individual and provide personalized attention to all students from admission, through classes and into their professional careers. All programs, while specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of our regional traditional and non-traditional students, ensure our graduates are not only competitive in the global economy but also embrace the concepts of lifelong learning and ethical behavior.

To Our Faculty and Staff – The School seeks to foster continuous professional growth for our faculty and staff by encouraging synergy between their individual professional goals and institutional goals. Intellectual contributions across the spectrum of pedagogical, practice-oriented and discipline-based forms are valued, as is the dissemination of knowledge through innovative teaching methodologies.

To Our Community – The School recognizes its responsibility to help advance the economic base of the Northwest Georgia/Southeast Tennessee region. Our greatest contribution is providing regional employers with well-prepared graduates who demonstrate a lifelong love of learning. By reaching out to and working closely with the business community, we serve as a catalyst for intellectual, social, economic and technological advancement.

Admission Requirement for the BAS in Technology Management

The Bachelor of Applied Science is a degree for students who have completed an AAS or AAT degree.  A student’s acceptance into the BAS program is contingent on proof of an earned AAS or AAT degree from a regionally accredited technical college.  Students who select this major should immediately contact the School of Business to submit either a copy of their official transcripts from Enrollment Services or their diploma.  If students do not provide proof to the School of Business they will be unable to continue in this  degree program.

Admission to Upper Division

Admission to Upper Division is a prerequisite for enrolling in 3000-4000 coursework. Students are responsible for completing an application to upper division form (found online at the School of Business website or at Enrollment Services), paying the fee at the Business Office and submitting it to the School of Business office (214 Memorial) for approval. In order for a student to enroll in upper division courses the following conditions must be met.

BBA Requirements

To be admitted into upper division coursework, students must:

  1. Have a minimum of 45 hours in areas A-F, including all area F courses, COMM 1110, and MATH 2181.
  2. Have a grade of C or better in all Area F courses and MATH 2181.
  3. Have an institutional GPA of 2.0 or better.
  4. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better in Area F courses.

BAS Requirements

To be admitted to upper division status in the BAS degree program students must:

  1. Have met all requirements for an AAS or an AAT.*
  2. Have a minimum of 45 hours of General Education and BAS Bridge work (or the Area F analogs), including credit for COMM 1110 and MATH 2200.
  3. Have a grade of C or better in all BAS Bridge courses (or their analogs) and MATH 2200.
  4. Have an institutional GPA of 2.0 or better.
  5. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better in the BAS Bridge course or the Area F analogs.

* BAS students must submit proof of an earned AAS or AAT degree. Please contact the School of Business (706-272-4507 or trafey@daltonstate.edu) for details.

Bachelor Degree Graduation Requirements

In order to receive a Bachelor degree in the School of Business a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of academic work in an approved program with one additional hour of physical education.
  2. Students must complete a minimum of 39 hours in 3000-4000 courses.
  3. Students must complete 30 semester hours in residence at Dalton State.
  4. All Business Administration bachelors students are required to take the capstone class (MNGT 4701: Strategic Management) at Dalton State College in the last available semester before graduation.
  5. Students must pass Junior Seminar (BUSA 3701).
  6. Students must complete the ETS Major Field Exam.


Although students are not required to have an Internship or Cooperative experience, they are strongly encouraged to do so. The School of Business works with local businesses to help students secure appropriate placement. Please contact the School of Business (706-272-4508) for details.