Wright School of Business


The primary goal of the C. Lamar and Ann Wright School of Business (WSOB) at Dalton State College is to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in a competitive business environment. While our programs are designed to provide information to students in all the functional areas of business, we feel it is critical for students to develop excellent communication and problem solving skills. In addition, our students are expected to understand and appreciate the internationalization of commerce and the role of technology in today's business world. The Wright School of Business believes, as do most successful business leaders, continuous improvement is the best way to be successful. We continually evaluate and revise our curriculum and teaching methods to meet the changing demands of the workplace.

DSC Wright School of Business

Mission Statement

The C. Lamar and Ann Wright School of Business at Dalton State College offers six undergraduate bachelor of business administration (BBA) degrees to serve a diverse student population in Northwest Georgia and the surrounding areas to positively impact the regional community and train leaders for life-long learning.  Our mission is to provide innovative educational opportunities and create high quality professionals with skills demanded by area employers.

DSC Wright School of Business Vision

We seek to continuously improve our status as an academically respected and student-oriented regional school of business as an integral part of a first-choice destination campus.

DSC Wright School of Business Values

  • Responsible citizenship: We believe in making positive contributions to area businesses and local communities.
  • Ethics: We believe in working in a manner that adheres to ethical norms of both the business and local communities.
  • Diversity: We encourage multi-cultural and international learning and experiences to develop a respectful appreciation for diversity and social integration.
  • Innovation: We believe graduates should be able to develop new approaches to meeting market needs.
  • Quality-seeking and adaptation: We believe in challenging existing processes and adapting to changing market conditions through continuous individual improvement.
  • Engagement: We believe in effective engagement with the business and civic communities; locally, regionally, and globally.

Admission to Upper Division

Admission to Upper Division is a prerequisite for enrolling in 3000-4000 level coursework. Students are awarded upper division eligibility at the end of the semester they meet BBA Upper Division requirements. Students will be charged a $25 upper division processing fee by the DSC Business Office. In order for a student to enroll in upper division courses the certain conditions must be met.

BBA Upper Division Eligibility Requirements

To be admitted into upper division coursework, students must:

  1. Have a minimum of 45 hours in areas A-F, including all area F courses, COMM 1110, ECON 2105, and MATH 2181.
  2. Have a grade of C or better in all Area F courses and MATH 2181.
  3. Have an institutional GPA of 2.0 or better.
  4. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or better in Area F courses.

Upper Division Grace Period

Students are allowed a one semester "grace" period. This "grace" period will allow students to take their final lower level required courses (Area A, COMM 1110, MATH 2181, ECON 2105 and Area F) while taking up to two 3000-4000 level business classes to have a full time schedule. Students under the "grace" period must pass with a C or better all lower level classes during this "grace" period to be allowed to continue taking 3000-4000 level business classes. Students who do not pass (with a C or better) a lower level class during the "grace" period, must repeat the failed lower level class(es) before enrolling in any 3000-4000 level business classes.

BBA Degree Graduation Requirements

To receive a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in the Wright School of Business a student must meet the following criteria:

  1. Students must complete a minimum of 120 semester hours of academic work in an approved BBA program with one additional hour of physical education.
  2. Students must complete a minimum of 39 hours in 3000-4000 level courses.
  3. Students must complete 30 semester hours in residence at Dalton State College.
  4. All Business Administration bachelor's students are required to take the capstone class (MNGT 4701: Strategic Management) at Dalton State College in the last available semester before graduation.
  5. Students must successfully pass Professional Development Seminar (BUSA 3701).
  6. Students must complete the ETS Major Field Exam (as part of the MNGT 4701 course).


Although students are not required to have an Internship or Cooperative work experience while in the WSOB, they are strongly encouraged to do so. The Wright School of Business works with local businesses to help students secure appropriate placements. Please contact the Wright School of Business Professional Advisor (706-712-8224 or bizadvisor@daltonstate.edu) for details.