POLS Courses

Opposite each course title are three numbers such as 3-2-4. The first number indicates the number of regular classroom hours for the course each week; the second number indicates the number of laboratory hours per week; and the third number indicates the hours of credit awarded for the successful completion of the course. Listed in parentheses at the end of each course description is the term(s) that the course is normally offered. F=Fall, S=Spring, and M=Summer.

The college reserves the right to cancel or delete any course with insufficient enrollment.


POLS 1001. Amercian Government (eCore). 3-0-3 Units.

A study of government and politics, including the philosophical and constitutional foundations, governing institutions, political behavior and major public policy issues. This course satisfies the State legislative requirement concerning the United States Constitution and the Georgia Constitution.

POLS 1101. American Government. 3-0-3 Units.

Surveys the structure and operation of the American federal government, the state government of Georgia, and American local government.(F,S,M)
Prerequisites: ENGL 0999 unless exempt.

POLS 1101H. Honors American Government. 3-0-3 Units.

POLS 2101. Intro to Political Science. 3-0-3 Units.

Introduces the nature and study of politics, including an examination of the basic concepts of the discipline, such as law, government, and the state. Attention is also given to the various institutions and processes of government and politics through which law and policy are made.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 2201. State and Local Government. 3-0-3 Units.

Introduces the study of state and local government, with emphasis on the constitution, government, and political culture of Georgia. The place of state and local government in the federal system, the importance of state and local government to political liberty, models of state and local government, and special public policy problems faced by states and local communities today will also be considered. When possible, the course will include presentations by officials in Georgia government or local government.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 2301. Comparative Politics. 3-0-3 Units.

Examines the methods by which major Western governments govern and, more specifically, their formulas for dispersing power, both horizontally and vertically. The United States, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, and France, among others, will be discussed. Special attention will be given to the major problems of post-industrial societies and the "New World Order."
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 2401. International Relations. 3-0-3 Units.

Introduces the field of contemporary international relations and foreign policy. Topics covered include problems of war and peace, such as the Cold War and the Arab/Israeli disputes; conflict and cooperation; the role of international organizations, such as the United Nations; and United States/Russian and United States/Third World Relations.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 3100. Const Law: Civil Rights. 3-0-3 Units.

Offers a comprehensive study of American constitutional law focusing on civil rights, civil liberties, and equal protection. Constitutional claims examined include the denial of freedoms under the Bill of Rights, the equal protection of laws under the 14th Amendment, and civil rights legislation enacted by Congress since the Civil War. The course will also focus on the application and interpretation of the constitutional protections by the American courts.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 3201. Public Policy. 3-0-3 Units.

An analysis of diverse public policy issues, as well as the decision process leading to the formulation of government policy. An analysis of societal factors that influence policy, and the effect of government policy on society. Prerequisites: POLS 1101,

POLS 3401. Hist Amer Political Thought. 3-0-3 Units.

Surveys the history of American political thought, analyzing individuals, ideas, doctrines, and movements from the colonial era to the present.(Offered occasionally)
Prerequisites: POLS 1101, HIST 2111 or HIST 2112, ENGL 1101.

POLS 3600. Intro to Public Admin. 3-0-3 Units.

A focus on the study of public administration processes and underlying theories within American government structures. Emphasis is on the pragmatic aspects of current government leadership and public agency management. E-Major course only.

POLS 3601. Political Science Methods II. 3-0-3 Units.

This course helps students understand the process and components of research methods in social sciences, especially in political science. It covers topics such as empirical research, research question, hypotheses, research design, data collection, data analysis, and ethical issues in conducting research. It focuses on practical examples and skills by which students can develop, design, and conduct empirical research.

POLS 4200. Principles of Public Admin. 3-0-3 Units.

An introductory examination of the characteristics of the public organization and its impact on society. Analysis of the theories of public administration, personnel issues, budgetary activities, legal dynamics, as well as historical development of the field are included.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4202. Interorganizational Behavior. 3-0-3 Units.

This course is designed to provide an understanding of the dynamics of and the interrelationships among and between the federal, state, and local levels of government.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4204. Public Finance. 3-0-3 Units.

A study of the equity and economic effects of government spending programs, taxes, and debt. The course is primarily applied microeconomics.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4210. Modern Public Management. 3-0-3 Units.

Various changes in the management of public organizations are identified and analyzed. Includes the role of technology, modification of the relationship between public and private spheres, and current trends in the management of change and supervision of a diverse workforce.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4215. Mgmt Non-Profit Organizations. 3-0-3 Units.

This course is designed to explore the theoretical principles and practical applications of management for charities and/or nonprofit organizations. The underlying thesis of this course is that by understanding fundamental principles such as developing effective mission and objectives statements, fundraising, marketing and accounting strategies, nonprofits can become more effective and responsive to their constituency's needs. The course will include a field research component.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4217. Grant Writing Non-Profit Organ. 3-0-3 Units.

This course introduces students to the world of grant-writing and management, and provides an opportunity to experience writing actual grants. Students will learn the process of identifying prospective funders, developing relationship with funders, understanding the basics of writing grants, submitting proposals, working as a collaborative, and preparing for the follow up. Students will apply course learning to write and prepare actual grant proposals.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4218. Project Mgmt in Public Sector. 3-0-3 Units.

This course will discuss the theory, principles, tools, and techniques necessary to build a solid project management foundation. The Project Management Institute’s (PMI) standards for project management will be emphasized throughout the course.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4219. Public Human Resource Mgmt. 3-0-3 Units.

This course will examine the processes, policies, procedures and laws concerning public personnel. It will also cover the issues of employee protection, motivation, efficiency and responsibility.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4220. Administrative Law & Govt. 3-0-3 Units.

This course introduces the student to the relationship between Administrative Law and American Government as well as the ethics and challenges inherent in Administrative Law decision making. It is designed for undergraduates who are interested in public administration and public policy. While the course reviews and discusses the cases that form the basis of administrative law, the focus is on the understanding and application of principles rather than case law..
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4221. Govt Organization & Adm Theory. 3-0-3 Units.

A systematic analysis of theories or organization, management, and administration.   Special consideration will be given to institutional, behavioral, and psychological factors.
Prerequisites: POLS 1101.

POLS 4470. Alternative Dispute Resolution. 3-0-3 Units.

POLS 4610. Public Personnel Admin. 3-0-3 Units.

An examination of procedures and problems of governmental personnel administration. Studies of governmental agencies are encouraged to give students first-hand knowledge of governmental personnel administration.

POLS 4620. Public Finance Admin. 3-0-3 Units.

A study of the activities involved in the collection, custody, and expenditure of public revenue, such as the assessment and collection of taxes, public borrowing and debt administration, the preparation and enactment of the budget, financial accountability and the audit. E-major course only.