GEOL Courses

Opposite each course title are three numbers such as 3-2-4. The first number indicates the number of regular classroom hours for the course each week; the second number indicates the number of laboratory hours per week; and the third number indicates the hours of credit awarded for the successful completion of the course. Listed in parentheses at the end of each course description is the term(s) that the course is normally offered. F=Fall, S=Spring, and M=Summer.

The college reserves the right to cancel or delete any course with insufficient enrollment.


GEOL 1000. Natural Hazards. 1-0-1 Unit.

This course focuses on natural hazards, their natural causes, their impact on society, and the public policy and technology used to mitigate their impact. Historically important, national and international events will be studied to examine their effects. Future potential hazards are discussed in the context of preparedness and planning.(S)
Prerequisites: ENGL 0999 unless exempt.

GEOL 1011K. Intro Geosciences I. 3-3-4 Units.

This course covers Earth materials and processes. Geology 1011K is a 4 semester-credit-hour course, equivalent to an on-campus geology lecture course combined with a geology laboratory course. The course is delivered via Vista to your computer. A few selected portions of the laboratory assignments need to be returned to the instructor by postal mail for grading. The course is designed for you to follow a weekly schedule and learn through readings, discussions, Lab assignments, quizzes, and exams.
Prerequisites: ENGL 0999 unless exempt.

GEOL 1121K. Principles of Geology. 3-2-4 Units.

This course is an introduction to the study of solid earth systems, particularly plate tectonics and its implications. The importance of the rock cycle, earth materials, and geologic time will also be emphasized.(F,S)
Prerequisites: ENGL 0999 unless exempt.

GEOL 1122K. Historical Geology. 3-2-4 Units.

This course is an introduction to the history of the earth. The course focuses on the geologic development of earth from its beginning to the present and the evolution of life through geologic time, as well as the interconnection between the two.(S)

GEOL 1131K. Geology & the Environment. 3-2-4 Units.

This course is an introduction to the human connection to our environment from a geologic perspective. The importance of Earth materials humans depend on every day and the problems that arise from interacting with a dynamic Earth will be the focus of this class. Topics will include mineral resources, landforms, the overwhelming importance of water, and environmental policy and planning.(S)
Prerequisites: ENGL 0999 unless exempt.