ARTS Courses

Opposite each course title are three numbers such as 3-2-4. The first number indicates the number of regular classroom hours for the course each week; the second number indicates the number of laboratory hours per week; and the third number indicates the hours of credit awarded for the successful completion of the course. Listed in parentheses at the end of each course description is the term(s) that the course is normally offered. F=Fall, S=Spring, and M=Summer.

The college reserves the right to cancel or delete any course with insufficient enrollment.


ARTS 1020. Two-Dimensional Design. 2-2-3 Units.

Provides an introduction to the principles of design as organizational tools used to create effective visual statements. Explores a variety of approaches to illustrating the use of design. Additionally, utilizes basic processes, tools, and materials to create two-dimensional designs.

ARTS 1100. Art Appreciation. 3-0-3 Units.

Introduces students to the visual arts and their roles in Western and non-Western traditions through an examination of the vocabulary and elements of art, their media, and their cultural contexts. Explores significant visual achievements in painting, sculpture, and architecture from ancient times to the contemporary period. (F, S) (Satisfies the Global Perspectives requirement). Pre- or co-requisite ENGL 0999, unless exempt.

ARTS 2020. Color Theory. 3-0-3 Units.

Serves as an introductory course on color theory where color and its interactions will be introduced through the use of lecture and student exercises. Color relationships will be expolored as they apply to historical color perception, expression, and application.