MARK Courses

Opposite each course title are three numbers such as 3-2-4. The first number indicates the number of regular classroom hours for the course each week; the second number indicates the number of laboratory hours per week; and the third number indicates the hours of credit awarded for the successful completion of the course. Listed in parentheses at the end of each course description is the term(s) that the course is normally offered. F=Fall, S=Spring, and M=Summer.

The college reserves the right to cancel or delete any course with insufficient enrollment.


MARK 3010. Principles of Marketing. 3-0-3 Units.

Provides a general survey of the field of marketing covering marketing channels, functions, methods and institutions.(F, S)
Prerequisites: BUSA 2106, BUSA 2201, COMM 1110, and ECON 2106, all with a "C" or better.

MARK 3011. Consumer Behavior. 3-0-3 Units.

Examines the fundamental activities and motives impacting consumer choice, use and disposal of products. Emphasis on end users rather than business customers. Topics include internal and external factors that influence consumer choice, marketing strategies that influence consumer choice, group dynamics and the organizational buying process, and global consumption trends.(S)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 3233. Retail Marketing. 3-0-3 Units.

Explores store location, layout, organizational aspects, credit policies and control systems as they apply to retail operations. Investigates the application of these topics as they relate to online marketing strategies and tactics will be investigated as well.(S)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 3455. Professional Selling. 3-0-3 Units.

Examination of the complex process involving buyers and sellers of products and services. Concentration on developing the sales skills required for creating effective exchanges and managing long-term relationships.(M)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 3570. Integrated Brand Promotion. 3-0-3 Units.

Focuses on understanding the role of the promotional element of the marketing mix. Topics include the various promotional tools, advertising strategy, creative strategy, the pros and cons of various media options, regulatory constraints and global considerations affecting a firm's effort toward effective marketing communication.(F)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 4121. Marketing Research & Analysis. 3-0-3 Units.

Focuses on the systematic approach to the application of research techniques and procedures for assessing markets. Topics include research design, questionnaire construction, data sources and collection, data analysis, data interpretation and reporting.(F)
Prerequisites: BUSA 2850, BUSA 3050, or MATH 2200 and MARK 3010, all with a "C" or better.

MARK 4433. Social Media Marketing. 3-0-3 Units.

This course examines the changing role of social media in the promotional marketing mix, the role of the consumer in social media, online communities and how social media is impacting both marketing and consumer lifestyles.(F)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 4700. Independent Study Marketing. 0-0-3 Units.

Supervised, in-depth individual research and study of one or more current topics in marketing in conjunction with an associated major project. Students will be required to prepare a formal report and presentation of the research topic and project. Only available with coordination with Marketing faculty.
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 4701. Marketing Strategy. 3-0-3 Units.

Integrates marketing principles in the context of the decision making exercises related to customers, products, pricing, promotions, distribution and the laws regarding each of these topics.(S)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 and an additional MARK course, both with a "C" or better.

MARK 4800. Special Topics in Marketing. 3-0-3 Units.

Examines current, relevant topics in the field of marketing. Each special topics course will cover a new topic.
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 with a "C" or better.

MARK 4900. Marketing Internships. 0-0-3-6 Units.

Provides students with on-site work experience in Marketing through a coordinated academic internship experience with a pre-approved employer. A portfolio chronicling the work experience, a project relating relevant academic literature to the Marketing internship experience, and a final presentation encompassing the entire internship experience are required to receive academic credit. By permission of the Internship Coordinator.(F, S)
Prerequisites: MARK 3010 (Grade "B" or Better), plus an additional 3 credit hours of upper division MARK, and 3 credit hours of any upper division business course, all with a "C" or better.