The Dean of Students Office seeks to support and advance the mission of Dalton State College. Our goal is to promote student engagement, learning, and development through intentional programming, support systems, and resources. Students are our #1 priority!


The Campus Assessment, Response, and Evaluation Team, also known at CARE, at Dalton State College engages in proactive and collaborative approaches to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks associated with members of the campus who exhibit concerning behaviors. By partnering with the campus community, the team strives to promote individual wellbeing and success while also prioritizing community safety.

Reporting to the CARE Teams plays a secondary role to all urgent circumstances and should be contacted only after initial emergency notifications are made.

Report a concern to the CARE Team here.


Career & Professional Development assists students with decisions regarding career choices, choosing a major, and developing plans to meet their career goals. Several career assessment instruments are available, as are one-on-one sessions designed to help students discover their interests, abilities, and values related to the world of work. CPD also assist students with developing and updating resumes.

CPD supports the career development of students and alumni by coordinating opportunities to obtain relevant work experience both during and after their college years. Services included:

  • posting jobs, internship positions, and co-operative education opportunities for DSC students and alumni
  • scheduling on-campus interviews and recruiting events
  • coordinating career fairs
  • providing up-to-date information regarding employment trends and job search strategies
  • training students on appropriate business etiquette

Dalton State uses an internet based recruiting system, DSCareer Connect, to manage aspects of career services. Students must register their profile to view and apply for jobs, internships and co-ops, post their resume, and register for on-campus interviews and other recruiting events. DSCareer Connect is available to all students, current and alumni.


Disability Access provides a broad range of support and services to make academic and campus life accessible through encouraging students to develop self-advocacy, empowerment, responsibility, independence, and growth. We provide equal access, not guaranteed success.

It is the student’s responsibility to voluntarily self-disclose a disability to Disability Access in order to apply for reasonable accommodations. Students are also responsible to apply in a timely manner and to follow the process established by the college which includes the following steps:

  1. Contact Disability Access for an appointment to discuss the process, including self-disclosing a disability and requesting accommodations.
  2. Provide professional documentation that meets the University System of Georgia/ Board of Regents documentation guidelines.
  3. Participate in the interactive process to obtain and maintain appropriate accommodations.

For additional information, visit the website at: 

Disability Access Grievance Policy and Procedure

Dalton State desires to provide appropriate and effective Disability Access Services that comply with all federal, state, local, University System of Georgia, and Dalton State mandates and guidelines. Any individual who is of the opinion that our efforts to provide adequate services are non-compliant, or are discriminatory, may file a grievance to seek resolution of the concern.

For policies and procedures, including timelines, please visit: 


Students of Dalton State College have an obligation to assist in making the college an effective place for the transmission of knowledge, pursuit of truth, development of self, and improvement of society. By applying to Dalton State, students are responsible for conducting themselves in accordance with both the requirements of law and all Dalton State College rules and regulations, some of which are specifically outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.

More on Student Conduct can be found by visiting:


Student Life at Dalton State enhances the educational experience, fosters student learning and development, and prepares students for their future. Student Life initiatives are designed to help students transition into college and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and contribution. Student Life reaches beyond the classroom. With a wide variety of student organizations and an active student government, students will find plenty of opportunities to make friends and pursue interests all over campus.

Student Life empowers students with opportunities for life-long learning through diverse, community-centered programming and active leadership experiences. Student Life is dedicated to both individual and organizational growth and development. 

The major emphasis with all activities at Dalton State College is “Balanced Programming” and "Programming with a Purpose."  Dalton State College presents lectures, fine arts displays, artists, comedians and musicians. Student Life promotes these programs through the Student Government Association, the Campus Activities Board, the Campus Calendar, and The Stall Wall.

Please be sure to visit for more information on all of the offerings of Student Life.


Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction, located within the Dean of Students Office, assists students in developing the skills needed for personal growth, academic progress, and critical thinking through knowledge sharing and peer facilitation.

Tutoring is free and is available to all students. This includes both Dalton and Gilmer campuses and students taking their courses online. Tutoring is appointment based and is generally scheduled at the same time one day per week. Attendance is expected and students who attend tutoring regularly generally have improved grades. Students will work with the same tutor to master academic challenges in their courses.

Supplemental instruction is offered in conjunction with specific courses. Generally, two sessions per week are offered in addition to the scheduled class time. Attendance is voluntary; however, those who attend SI sessions regularly tend to make higher grades and perform better in class. These are interactive study sessions led by a peer leader. These sessions provide the opportunity to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop study strategies, and "test" one another on material in preparation for tests.

For more information on Tutoring or Supplemental Instruction or to request a tutor, please visit:


The Testing Center is part of the Dean of Students’ Office, but The Center’s physical space is in the Lorberbaum Liberal Arts Building. The purpose of The Testing Center is to work collaboratively with both campus and community members to provide a secure and accessible environment for test takers to perform at their maximum ability. Our Testing Center adheres to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Standards and Guidelines.

Visit: for contact information, tests administered, dates, and times.


Freedom of Expression Policy

Dalton State College (“DSC”) recognizes and upholds the rights protected by the First Amendment, including the rights of free speech and free expression, and the right to assemble peaceably.  Demonstrations, assemblies, and dissemination of information can be valid expressions for dissenting opinions provided they do not disrupt academic and administrative functions of the institution.  This policy in no way prohibits individuals enrolled at or employed by DSC (“members of the College Community”) from engaging in conversations on campus and does not apply to College-sponsored activities, but rather only establishes a designated public forum on DSC’s campus and sets forth requirements for reservation and use of the forum.

The opinions expressed by organizations, groups or individuals using DSC facilities do not necessarily reflect the position of DSC.  The College affirms its commitment to freedom of speech, assembly and expression even though the language or ideas of those seeking a venue for free expression may contradict the Colleges ideals and policies or the personal views of DSC employees and students.  

The complete Policy can be found here:

To access the Forum Reservation Request Form, please look at the bottom of our Forms/Resource page.

Student Travel Registration and Waiver

Students who participate in co-curricular activities and class field trips must have a Release/Liability Waiver and Alcohol Policy on file in The Dean of Students Office before leaving campus or participating in the activity. Registered Student Organization advisors and students have access to these forms at