The Roadrunner Card is issued through Campus Services. A personal photo is required before your Roadrunner Card can be created. Usually these photos are taken during orientation, however they can also be taken any time in the Campus Services office. A valid form of identification must be presented before your photo will be taken.

The Roadrunner Card is used as your primary identification on campus and allows for entrance to the Fitness Center, Student Life events, and Athletic events. Your card also allows you access to print on campus, check out books from the library, and door access if you live in Mashburn Hall. Enrolled students will receive $15 in free print money each semester, loaded to their Roadrunner Card. Free Print money rolls over from Fall to Spring and Spring to Summer. All print funds expire at the end of summer semester.

Students can add money to their Roadrunner Cash account, then use their Roadrunner Card to make purchases at the Bookstore, Roadrunner Café, Rage Café, Campus Services, and select vending machines. Roadrunner Cash can also be used to print if students run out of their print funds. Roadrunner cash can be added via cash at Campus Services or the PHiL Station in the Library. Roadrunner Cash can be added via credit/debit card at the Eaccounts website or visit our Roadrunner Card page.


Dining Services is managed by Aladdin, a third party company, and operates the Roadrunner Café and the Rage Café. The Roadrunner Café is the main dining hall located in the Pope Student Center. The Roadrunner Café offers deli sandwiches, pizzas, grill items, a salad bar, home style cooking, and other items. The Rage Café is located in Peeples Hall and offers coffee, donuts, grab and go items, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and other items. Please see our page for specific details.


The Bookstore is operated by Follett Higher Education.

The Bookstore sells textbooks and offers textbook buy-backs for all courses at Dalton State. The Bookstore also sells school supplies, best-sellers, reference material, clothing, apparel, computers and other electronics, personal items, snacks, and graduation merchandise. Please visit our page for hours and other details.