Department of Public Safety

Public Safety has the responsibility on campus for the safety and security of students, staff, faculty and visitors.  The campus of Dalton State College is a safe and secure environment due to the efforts of a number of departments.  The police department is under the direction of Chief Michael Masters, and consists of 13 sworn police officers and three dispatchers.  The police officers, certified by the State of Georgia, are armed and have full arrest powers.  Officers are kept abreast of current police trends and changes through training and memberships in the Georgia Chiefs Association, the East Central Georgia Traffic Network, the Georgia Campus Law Enforcement Administration Association, and the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators.  All State Certified Officers complete formal training at a police academy for certification by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.  All officers receive annually at least twenty (20) hours of in-service training, included but not limited to legal updates; crime prevention; firearm instruction and re-qualification; defensive tactics; baton re-certification;  safety, fire, and evaluation response; CPR; AED and First Aid.

The Public Safety Department is located in the Health Professions Building, Room 300 and an officer can be reached anytime at 706-272-4461.


Parking Rules and Regulations

For Parking Assistance call (706) 272-4461

All student and resident motorized vehicles parked at Dalton State College must display a current parking decal which should be displayed in the lower left corner of the rear window.  Faculty and Staff hangtags should be displayed on rear view mirror of vehicle.  Students, Faculty, and Staff are not authorized to park in visitor spaces; these are reserved for off campus visitors.  Bicycles must be parked in bicycle racks located outside of campus buildings and a lock is recommended to deter possible theft.  For safety and liability reasons, no skateboarding or scooters on sidewalks, walkways and/or in or around campus buildings will not be allowed.

Parking Decals may be picked up at the Public Safety Office Monday through Thursday from 7:00am - 11:00pm and on Friday's 7am - 12pm in Health Professions Suite # 300.  A current parking decal must be displayed by the end of the first week of the semester.  Replacement and second decals can be obtained for a fee.  DECALS MUST BE AFFIXED TO THE VEHICLE.

Temporary Decals are issued free of charge to students, staff and faculty.  Temporary decals are limited to a two-week period.  Temporary decals must be affixed to the vehicle.  Part time faculty, staff, work-study, student assistant, transient, graduate and alumni students who are attending classes are required to obtain a parking permit (not a temporary decal).  Parking lots and spaces are designated for students or faculty/staff parking and vehicles therein must display the appropriate, valid decal.  Students may not park in visitors spaces at any time.

All vehicles illegally parked are subject to being issued a citation and/or towed.  This includes blocking entrances, parking on yellow curbs, parking on the grass, parking next to a fire hydrant, or in handicap spaces without the proper state issued handicap permit displayed, or other.

Handicap Decals:  Valid handicap plates and permits issued by the State of Georgia or other state will be honored on the campus.  Should you need temporary handicap parking on campus you must first contact Dalton State College Disabilities Access and Student Support Services to get the necessary approval for a temporary campus handicap decal.  Receiving a temporary decal will permit you to park in faculty and staff parking spaces only. (not State handicap spaces).

Traffic Fines must be paid in the Business Services Office located in the Westcott Building.

Traffic Appeal Committee:  Any person wishing to appeal a traffic ticket must do so online at:

The right to appeal will be forfeited after FIVE days of school.  After filing a written appeal, the person appealing the ticket has the option to appear in person before the Traffic Appeals Committee or the appeal will be read in his/her absence.  The person attending the Traffic Appeals Committee will be immediately informed of the Traffic Committee's decision.  In every case the appeal results will be emailed.

Accidents:  Any vehicle accidents occurring on Dalton State College campus must be reported to the Public Safety office immediately.  The driver (s) involved in any accidents on campus resulting in the injury to, or death of, or damage to any property of another shall immediately stop their vehicle at the scene of the accident.  The persons involved should remain at the scene of the accident until an officer arrives and completes their investigation.  Drivers must present the officer (s) with valid proof of insurance and driver's license.


Statement of General Policy

  1. For the purpose of these regulations a motor vehicle includes automobiles, trucks, motor scooters, motorbikes, and other motor powered vehicles.
  2. The term “students” includes all who attend classes at Dalton State College including students from any other school holding classes on the Dalton State College campus.
  3. The term “visitor” includes any person other than faculty, staff, or a student parking or driving an unregistered vehicle on campus.

Motor Vehicle Registration

  1. All faculty, staff, and student motor vehicles must be registered for campus parking and a current decal/hang tag must be displayed in the proper location.
  2. Registered vehicles must be covered by liability insurance and drivers must have a valid driver's license to operate a vehicle on the Dalton State College campus.
  3. Temporary permits may be obtained for a two-week period from the Public Safety Office at no charge. These should be received immediately upon arrival on campus.
  4. Parking in marked Handicapped spaces requires a permit from the Georgia Department of Public Safety or a Handicapped tag.

General Rules

  1. The registrant of a motor vehicle is held responsible for the safe, prudent operation, and proper parking of his/her vehicle regardless of who may be the operator.
  2. Curbs painted yellow are NO PARKING AREAS.
  3. Parking against the flow of traffic is PROHIBITED.
  4. Students leaving vehicles on campus after school hours must notify the Public Safety Office or vehicle will be subject to towing.
  5. NO vehicles will be backed into parking spaces or pulled through spaces.
  7. Speed limits are as posted.
  9. Decals are not transferable.
  10. NO student parking in front of the Westcott Building at any time.  No faculty/staff parking in visitor spaces.
  11. Residents of Mashburn Hall will park in the parking area around the parking garage marked in blue, residents require a resident decal.
  12. NO Exiting from the parking lots by way of marked Entrances.
  13. NO Entrance to lots by way of marked Exits.
  14. Any vehicle parked on walkways or grass areas without permission from the Public Safety Office or Officer will be towed at owner's expense.
  15. All vehicle accidents on campus must be reported to the Public Safety Department, 706-272-4461.  A Public Safety Officer will conduct an investigation into the accident.  The same applies to incidents of bodily accident or injury.
  16. Neither Dalton State College nor any of its employees assumes any responsibility or liability for the loss from theft or damage due to vehicles parked in the parking areas.
  17. Music from within vehicle must not be audible more than 100 feet from vehicle, or cause disruption to campus.
  18. Vehicles must not be operated at speeds that are unreasonable given conditions that are present such as; traffic congestion, pedestrian traffic, weather, etc.
  19. Vehicles must be parked with the flow of traffic in parallel parking spaces.
  20. Residents may only park in the designated resident parking area with appropriate decal.  Students may only park in student parking with appropriate decal.

Penalties and Fines for Violations

All fines must be paid at the Business Services Office located in the Westcott Building.

The right to appeal will be forfeited after FIVE days of school. All appeals must be submitted online at:

Failure to pay fines approved by the Traffic Appeals Committee will result in withholding of Grades and/or of Transcripts to other institutions or agencies; or may hinder Registration.

Penalty Fee
1. Failure to Display Parking Permit/Improper display $20.00
2. Unregistered Vehicle in Residential Area $20.00
3. Parking on White Lines/Yellow Lines $20.00
4. Parking in Reserved Spaces; Faculty, Visitors $35.00
5. Backing into Parking Spaces $20.00
6. Pulling through Parking Spaces $20.00
7. Impeding the Free Flow of traffic $20.00
8. Entering through Exit Only (or Exiting through Entrance) $20.00
9. Stop Sign Violation $20.00
10. Loud Music from Vehicle $20.00
11. Parking in an Unauthorized Area $20.00
12. Parking in Handicapped Spaces $50.00
13. Speeding $20.00
14. Reckless Driving $30.00
15. Parking Against Flow of Traffic $20.00

*Fine amounts will double after the third ticket issued within a semester

First Aid Procedures

The following procedures have been revised and are recommended in case of any accident or emergency situation relating to health on the campus of Dalton State College. In case of minor cuts, scratches, etc., first aid kits are located in all campus buildings. In case of an accident of a more serious nature, faculty, staff, and students are requested to:

  1. Not move the patient.
  2. Immediately notify the Department of Public Safety at Ext. 4461.

The Public Safety Officers will then make a determination of the best course of action regarding the patient’s health and safety.  An appropriate accident/incident report must be completed and filed with the Department of Public Safety for record keeping and verification.  Students requiring medical attention must defray their own expense.  It is recommended that each faculty member at the beginning of each term offer students a chance to inform the faculty member, or Disability Access or Student Support Services in confidence, of any medical problem such as seizures, for example, that may affect the student in class.

Children on Campus Policy

Child care facilities are not available on campus. The institution is not responsible for children. Children must not be left unsupervised on campus. Children are not permitted to accompany students to classes, laboratories, seminars, etc.

In patrols of the buildings, if unattended minor children are found in the hallways or campus grounds, Public Safety will complete the following:

  1. Have the child assist them in locating the parent.
  2. Officers will interrupt the class in a professional manner and request the parent to step out of the classroom. The parent will be instructed to take immediate care and control of their child. Officer will complete a Miscellaneous Incident Report titled Unattended Child.
  3. In situations where the parent is not attending class, and is not in the immediate area, Officers may be required to bring the child to the Public Safety Office until the parent can be located. A Miscellaneous Incident Report or other reports will be completed per the Officer’s determination.
  4. Children may be on campus accompanied by their parents for short, infrequent visits. However, children may not remain with the parents for extended periods of time as they may interfere with the performance of the employee/student and may compromise the safety of the children. Should this instance occur, the parent will be instructed to take the children home.


All buildings on campus have designated "tornado safe"  areas on the lowest level of each building which can be utilized during a tornado warning or during high winds.

** Use your best judgement when driving or when outside during severe weather.  Please update your personal information in Banner and sign up for the Roadrunner Alert emergency notification system to receive critical campus information.  In the event of a delay or closing, students should contact their professor(s) immediately.


Additional information is contained on our website; emergency procedures, anonymous reporting procedures, campus vehicle reservation information, and others.