Withdrawal and Refund Schedule

Refunds for Reduction of Class Loads

Financial Aid Students - Consult with Financial Aid prior to dropping classes.

There are no refunds for course reductions (dropping classes) by the student after the official Drop/Add period.

Refunds result from actions initiated by students. Official, complete withdrawal from all classes will result in the refund calculation as detailed below. Tuition refunds may also result from the cancellation of classes by college officials.

Refunds are calculated on hours registered and paid for, and are processed during, but no later than, the end of the term, provided no unusual circumstances have occurred. Students suspended for disciplinary reasons are not entitled to refunds. For assistance, contact your academic advisor, the Office of Enrollment Services, or the Office of the Bursar.

Refunds for withdrawal are processed by executing a Schedule Adjustment Form, indicating withdrawal from all courses.

Refunds before the end of the Drop/Add period.............................................. 100%

The refund amount for students withdrawing from the Institution will be based on a pro rata percentage determined by dividing the number of calendar days in the semester that the student completed by the total calendar days in the semester. The total calendar days in a semester includes weekends, but excludes scheduled breaks of five or more days and days that a student was on an approved leave of absence. The unearned portion will be refunded up to the point in time that the amount equals 60%.

Students who withdraw from the Institution when the calculated percentage of completion is greater than 60% are not entitled to a refund of any portion of institutional charges.

The refund of tuition and other mandatory fees in the event of the death of a student during the academic session is processed upon notification.

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