Special Fees

Fee Amount
Additional Parking Decal $20
Application Fee A $30 non-refundable fee is required for on-line or paper applications.
Application Fee (International) $50
Applied Music Lessons (MUSC 2600) $500
Background Check per Year - School of Education $31
Cap and Gown Fee These articles are available through the College Bookstore.
CLEP Test A $25 fee for each attempted examination.
CPR/Health Certification Fee $27 is charged to each PHED 1005 registrant.
Credit by Exam Fee A $50 fee for each attempted examination.
Distance Learning Independent Study (Proctor) - up to 3 hours $30
Distance Learning Independent Study (Proctor) up to 5 hours $60
eCore Testing $25
Ethics Assessment - One Time Fee - School of Education $30
ETS Major Field Exam (MNGT 4701) $25
GACE Content - Before Graduation $208
GACE Program Entrance Test $143
Graduation/Diploma Fee A fee of $20 must be submitted to Enrollment Services along with the application for graduation. This is a non-refundable fee.
Graduation/Diploma Dual Major $30
Graduation/Diploma Late Fee $15, assessed after application due date
Health Insurance $2,500 through United Health Care
Health Occupation Fee (CNA, LPN, Resp Therapy, Rad Tech, MLT, MCA, Phlebotomy) $25
Housing Application/Reservation Fee $200
Late Graduation Application Fee $15
Late Registration Fee $150
Liability Insurance (Nursing Degree) A yearly $15 non-refundable insurance fee is required for students in most medical related programs.
Liability Insurance - School of Education $18
Live Text Fee - One Time - Beginning of Junior Year- School of Education $130
LPN Requirement Supplement (1st Semester) $265.20
Malpractice Insurance, RN $15
Nursing Testing Fee (1st semester of the cohort) $243.75
Orientation Fee An orientation fee of $40 will be charged to all new students attending DSC.
Orientation Guests $10 per guest
PLA Assessment Fee 1 hour class - $150, 2 hour class - $200, 3 hour class - $250, 4 hour class - $300
Post Certification Assessment $200
Practicum Fee for Bachelor of Social work (BSW - SOWK 4998/4999) $50
Professional Development Seminar (School of Business) $40
PRSP 1000/1200 Fee $30
R-ACT $65
Re-admit Application $30
Recreation Fee - Summer Usage for non-enrolled students $20
Reinstatement Fee $150 (after drop/add period)
Respiratory Therapy Test $45
Residential Application Fee $200
Residential Life: Cleaning Fee $125
Residential Life: Housing Contract Cancellation Fee $500
Residential Life: Improper Check-Out Fee $125
Residential Life: Lockout Fee (Front Desk Closed) $50
Residential Life: Lockout Fee (Front Desk Open) $25
Residential Life: Lost Key Fee $125
Residential Life: Pet Violation Fee $100
Residential Life: Smoking Violation Fee (Inside) $250
Residential Life: Smoking Violation Fee (Outside) $50
Residential Life: Trash Fee $25
Residential Life: Winter Break Violation Fee $500
Return Check Fee A $30 fee or 5% of the face amount, whichever is greater, is assessed for each check returned for non-payment. Check cashing privileges may be suspended if two or more checks are returned on an individual or agency and may result in “Cash Only” for future transactions. Checks returned for non-payment could result in withdrawal from school along with processing to legal authorities for collection and the debtor will also become liable for any additional collection cost associated with the collection of any amount not paid.
Roadrunner Card Replacement Fee $20
Science Lab Fee $40
Sending Official Compass Scores $20
SIMS Test - Respiratory Therapy $65
Student Teaching Internship $100 per semester for a total of four semesters.
Transcript Fee $10 charge per official transcript.
Transcript (Electronic) $5
Transcript Fee (RUSH/On Demand) $25
Nursing Lab Tote $175.00