Dalton State 2013-14 Catalog

Licensed Practical Nursing


Dalton State College School of Health Professions offers a nursing program leading to a certificate in Practical Nursing. This program provides graduates with the knowledge and clinical expertise necessary to give direct nursing care to patients in a variety of settings. Some clinical experiences involve out-of-town travel and evening hours. The program of study includes general education and nursing theory which provides opportunities to care for patients of all ages. This program is approved by the Georgia Board of Examiners-LPN. Graduates are eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN) for Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) licensure. There are specific practices and/or acts delineated in the Nurse Practice Act which may prevent a candidate from being granted a license to practice as a Licensed Practical Nurse. For more information, contact the Practical Nursing Department at 706/272-2658.

LPN Program admission requirements are:

  1. Official acceptance to Dalton State College;
  2. Completion of LPN program application forms; (available mid January and mid September) 
  3. Complete each program prerequisite with a “C” or better and achieve a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA;
  4. PSB Practical Nursing Entrance Exam given after completing program application.

Students meeting the above criteria are not guaranteed admission to the Licensed Practical Nursing program. Since enrollment in the program is limited, those students meeting pre-nursing requirements will be evaluated by program faculty and the most qualified will be selected.

ALHT 1110, ALHT 1111,  BIOL 1100, and MATH 1104 must have been taken within three years of admission or transfer into the program, or they must be repeated.

Two classes (25-30 students) are selected (from the applicant pool) each year to begin the major field courses for the Licensed Practical Nursing Program for the fall and spring semester.

Program applications are available in Tech 111. Spring Admission-Sept. 15-Nov. 1; Fall Admission-Jan. 15-April 1.

The following documents must be submitted after acceptance into the program and each year the student is enrolled:

  1. Physical examination report, with documentation of required immunizations.
  2. CPR certification (American Heart Association CPR for Health Care Providers).

Please be advised that there may be additional costs for uniforms, equipment, testing, liability insurance, books and other items as needed. For a listing of these additional costs, please see an official in your program office.

Clinical facilities used by the program may require students to submit to background checks and drug screenings before they are allowed in the facility. A criminal background check is required at the time of application for the NCLEX-PN. Based on the information obtained, these facilities can refuse student access. Failure to be accepted into clinical facilities may jeopardize a student’s ability to complete the program.

This program requires proof of computer literacy.

General Education
ALHT 1110Allied Health Terminology3
ALHT 1111Allied Health Terminology II3
BIOL 1100Human Biology3
CAPS 1101Introduction to Computers3
ENGL 1100Communication Skills *3
READ 1100Reading Skills *3
MATH 1104Applied Mathematics3
Major Field Courses
LPNS 1103Intro to Nutrition & Diet Therapy2
LPNS 1105Medication Calculation/Admin3
LPNS 1109Nursing Fundamentals I4
LPNS 1111Nursing Fundamentals II **4
LPNS 1120Medical/Surgical I **6
LPNS 1121Medical/Surgical II **6
LPNS 1130Medical/Surgical III **6
LPNS 1140Obstetrics **5
LPNS 1141Pediatrics **5
LPNS 1150Nursing Leadership I2
LPNS 1151Nursing Leadership II **2
Total Hours66


Students who meet or exceed the required degree-level learning support minimums may choose to take ENGL 1101 for ENGL 1100 and/or ENGL 1102 for READ 1100 when recommended by their advisor.


Includes clinical hours.


LPNS 1103. Intro to Nutrition & Diet Therapy. 2-0-2 Units.

This course provides basic principles of nutrition. It focuses on developing an understanding of the food guide pyramid and how proper nutrition influences health and wellness. Skills will be practiced to enhance communication of optimal nutritional habits to the patient/client for needs throughout the life cycle. (Career Course)(F,S)

LPNS 1105. Medication Calculation/Admin. 3-1-3 Units.

This course provides the student with basic skills to compute dosages and solutions calculation. Content includes broad drug classification, action, common side effects and criteria for evaluating effectiveness of drug therapy. Students will practice the procedures for medication administration in a simulated clinical environment. (Career Course)(F,S)
Prerequisites: MATH 1104.
Corequisites: LPNS 1103, LPNS 1109 and LPNS 1111.

LPNS 1109. Nursing Fundamentals I. 4-0-4 Units.

The first of two courses. This course assists students in developing the knowledge and skills needed to perform basic nursing procedures. Through emphasis on the nursing process students are taught the basic principles and concepts involved in meeting the needs of the individual patient. Topics include: orientation to the profession, ethics and law, community health, cultural diversity, and basic nursing procedures. (Career Course)(F,S)
Prerequisites: Acceptance into LPN program.

LPNS 1111. Nursing Fundamentals II. 3-2-4 Units.

Continuation of LPNS 1109 focusing on development of more complex nursing skills. Emphasis is on the study of geriatric nursing. Clinical experience occurs in a skilled nursing home and/or the acute care setting. (Career Course)(F,S)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1109 and current professional rescuer CPR certification.

LPNS 1120. Medical/Surgical I. 4-4-6 Units.

The first of three courses. This course asists students in developing knowledge, skills and attitudes in the care of adults. Special emphasis is on utilizing the nursing proces in meeting the individual patient's needs. Contents include: common illness/ disorders related to the respiratory, cardiovascular, and urinary and sensory systems. Each unit of study includes: pharmacology, diet, therapy, psychosocial, cultural aspects, and support of the terminally ill and dying. All curriculum threads are continuous. Clinical experience is in the acute care setting. (Career Course)(S,M)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1111.

LPNS 1121. Medical/Surgical II. 4-4-6 Units.

Emphasis on common illness/disorders of the reproductive, endocrine, and gastrointestinal systems and oncology. Clinical experience is in the acute care setting. (Career Course)(F,S)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1120.

LPNS 1130. Medical/Surgical III. 4-4-6 Units.

Emphasis is on common illness/disorders of the musculoskeletal, eye, nose, the neurological, integumentary systems, and mental health. Clinical experience is in the acute care setting. (Career Course)(F,M)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1121.

LPNS 1140. Obstetrics. 3-4-5 Units.

This course is structured toward the utilization of the nursing process and nursing skills applicable to the family, maternal and newborn care. Instruction focus will lend itself to relevant pharmacology, diet therapy, and nursing interventions associated with the complicated and uncomplicated stages of labor, delivery, puerperium and newborn care. (Career Course)(F,S)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1130.

LPNS 1141. Pediatrics. 3-4-5 Units.

This course is structured toward the utilization of the nursing process and nursing skills applicable to child care in the home and hospital setting. Instruction focus will lend itself to relevant pharmacology, diet therapy, normal growth and development, and nursing interventions associated with health prevention and disease/disorders of all body systems. (Career Course)(F,S)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1140.

LPNS 1150. Nursing Leadership I. 2-0-2 Units.

The first of two courses. Provides students with concepts and issues related to leadership, management and safe health care delivery. (Career Course)(S,M)
Corequisites: LPNS 1120 .

LPNS 1151. Nursing Leadership II. 0-4-2 Units.

Continuation of LPNS 1150. Mid-management skills are introduced utilizing the team nursing concept with multiple assignment. Clinical experience is in a skilled nursing home or acute care settings. (Career Course)(F,M)
Prerequisites: LPNS 1120 and 1150.