Grievance Procedure

Whenever an applicant for admission to Dalton State College shall be denied admission or shall feel that their application has not been given due consideration or whenever a student shall be expelled or suspended, such applicant or student shall have the right to appeal in accordance with the following procedure:

  1. The person aggrieved shall appeal in writing to the head of the institution within five days after the action of which he/she complains. The head of the institution shall within five days appoint a committee composed of three members of the faculty of the institution or he/she shall utilize the services of an appropriate existing committee. This committee shall review all facts and circumstances connected with the case and shall within five days make its finding and report thereon to the President. After consideration of the committee’s report, the President shall within five days make a decision which shall be final so far as the institution is concerned.

  2. Should the aggrieved person be dissatisfied with said decision, he/she may apply to the Board of Regents, without prejudice to his/her position, for a review of the decision. The application for review shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Secretary of the Board within a period of twenty days, following the decision of the President. This application for review shall state the decision complained of and the redress desired. A review by the Board is not a matter of right, but is within the sound discretion of the Board. If the application for review is granted, the Board, or a committee of the Board, shall investigate the matter thoroughly and render its decision thereon within sixty days from the filing date of the application for review or from the date of any hearing which may be held thereon. The decision of the Board shall be final and binding for all purposes. (Minutes, 1962-63, pp. 244-245; Minutes, 1967-68, pp. 750-751;