Latina/o and Latin American Studies


A minor in Latina/o and Latin American Studies includes 15 semester hours of coursework, including at least 9 hours of upper-division courses at the 3000-4000 level. At least two of the upper-division courses must be taken in residency at Dalton State College. Courses taken to satisfy Core Areas A through E may not be counted toward the minor, but courses taken in Area F may be used to fulfill minor requirements.

HUMN 3001Migration the US Latina/o Expe3
Choose 0 to 6 hours of the following0-6
Elementary Spanish II
Accelerated Elementary Spanish
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish for Criminal Justice
Choose 6 to 12 hours from the following Upper-Level Courses:6-12
Multi-ethnic American Lit
Hispanic Lit in Translation *
Latino/a Literature in English *
The African Americas
History of Latin America
Colonial Latin America **
Modern Latin America **
The African Diaspora **
SP: Latina/o, Latin Amer Stds
Sociology Latino Family/Cultur
Adv Conversation/Composition
Literary/Nonliterary Texts
Total Hours15

The prerequisite ENGL 3010 is waived for non-English majors pursuing the minor in Latina/o and Latin American Studies.


The prerequisite of HIST 3000 is waived for non-History majors pursing a minor in Latina/o and Latin American Studies.

Note: Study abroad courses not listed above that have strong Latina/o or Latin American content may be used toward the minor in Latina/o and Latin American Studies on a course-by-course basis.