Global Studies


A minor in Global Studies includes 15 hours of coursework, including at least 9 hours of upper-division courses at the 3000-4000 level. Courses taken to satisfy Core Areas A through E may not be counted toward completion of the minor, but courses taken in Core Area F may be used to fulfill minor requirements. Courses that are required in the major may not be applied toward a minor in Global Studies.

Choose 0 to 6 Hours From the Following:0-6
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Art Appreciation
World Literature I
World Literature II
Elementary French II
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Intro to Human Geography
Elementary German II
World Civilization to 1500 CE
World Civilization since 1500
Expressions of Culture I
Expressions of Culture II
World Music
Intro to World Religions
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Elementary Spanish II
Accelerated Elementary Spanish
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Choose 9 to 15 hours from the following Upper-Level Courses:9-15
Science and Society
International Business
Intercultural Communication *
Comparative Criminology **
International Trade
Hispanic Lit in Translation ***
Topics in Asian Literature ***
Literature Non-Western World ***
Colonial Latin America ****
Modern Latin America ****
History of Africa ****
The African Diaspora ****
Modern China ****
History of the Middle East ****
English History to 1485 ****
History of Britain since 1714 ****
The British Empire ****
Europe in the 19th Century ****
Europe in the 20th Century ****
History of Japan ****
Modern Russia ****
Modern Germany ****
The Holocaust ****
Special Topics World History ****
Migration the US Latina/o Expe
Cross-Cultural Psychology
Global Cultures and Societies
Adv Conversation/Composition
Literary/Nonliterary Texts
NOTE: Study Abroad courses not listed that have strong international content may be used toward the minor in global studies on a course-by-course basis.
Total Hours15