Dalton State 2014-15 Catalog


Chemistry Minor

A minor must contain 15 to 18 semester hours of coursework, including at least 9 hours of upper-division courses at the 3000-4000 level. Courses taken to satisfy Core Areas A through E may not be counted toward completion of the minor, but courses taken in Core Area F may be used to fulfill minor requirements.

A minor in Chemistry must include 15 credit hours of chemistry course work, with at least 9 hours at the 3000-level or above.

Two CHEM electives6
Three of the following Upper Electives:9
Textile Chemistry
Organic Chemistry I
Organic Chemistry II
Quantitative Analysis
Instrumental Methods of Analys
Physical Chemistry II
Environmental Chemistry
Readings in Chemistry
Senior Seminar
Textile Chemistry
Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
Advanced Organic Chemistry
Chemistry Internship
Special Topics in Chemistry
Research in Chemistry
Total Hours15