African-American Studies

A minor in African-American Studies includes 15 semester hours of coursework at the 3000- 4000 level. Courses that are required in the major may not be applied toward a minor in African-American Studies.

Choose 15 hours from the following upper level courses.
CRJU 3800Race, Ethnicity & Crim Justice *3
ENGL 3235African-American Literature **3
GEOG 3320The African Americas3
HIST 3150History of Africa ***3
HIST 3160The African Diaspora ***3
HIST 3800Civil Rights Movement ***3
HIST 3810African-Amer Religions to 1860 ***3
HIST 3840African-American Hist to 1877 ***3
HIST 3845African-Amer Hist since 1877 ***3