Student Services

Services provided through The Dean of Students Office include The CARE Team, Career Services & Professional Development, Disability Support Access, Testing, Peer Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction, Student Conduct, and Student Life (Campus Programming, Leadership, Civic Engagement & Volunteerism, New Student Orientation, Student Government Association, and Student Organizations, including Greek Life). The services in the Dean of Students Office report up to the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services.

The Dean of Students Office

Phone: 706/272-4429 or 706/272-4428
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8am-5pm
Location: Pope Student Center, Upper Level

The Dean of Students Office promotes engagement, achievement, and lifelong learning by supporting and encouraging student exploration in academics, career, and self. The Dean of Students Office is committed to working collaboratively with, fostering communication in, and serving as a resource for all facets of the College and appropriate areas of the community. The Dean of Students Office consciously strives to blend Academic Affairs with Student and Enrollment Services in an effort to holistically provide our students with skills and opportunity for success. The Office strives to frequently assess practices and policies and act on the findings to adapt programs and services accordingly to serve an ever changing campus environment and student population.

Career Services & Professional Development

Career Services & Professional Development, housed in The Dean of Students Office, provides students a variety of services including career and professional guidance; personal enrichment workshops; and employment resources. 

Career Planning and Development

Career Services & Professional Development assists students with decisions regarding career choices, choosing a major, and developing plans to meet their career goals. Several career assessment instruments are available, as are one-on-one sessions designed to help students discover their interests, abilities, and values related to the world of work. Counselors also assist students with developing and updating resumes.

Career and Employment Services

Career Services supports the career development of students and alumni by coordinating opportunities to obtain relevant work experience both during and after their college years. Career services included:

  • posting jobs, internship positions, and co-operative education opportunities for DSC students and alumni
  • scheduling on-campus interviews and recruiting events
  • coordinating career fairs
  • providing up-to-date information regarding employment trends and job search strategies
  • training students on appropriate business etiquette

Dalton State uses an internet based recruiting system, DSCareer Connect, to manage aspects of career services. Students must register their profile to view and apply for jobs, internships and co-ops, post their resume, and register for on-campus interviews and other recruiting events. DSCareer Connect is only available for currently enrolled Dalton State students and alumni. Alumni must register for DSCareer Connect through the DSC Alumni Association.

Personal Enrichment Workshops

A series of workshops are held throughout the year. Workshop topics focus on academic well-being and personal enrichment topics such as study skills/test-taking, anger management, stress management, communication skills, and interviewing and resume-writing skills.

Disability Access

Dalton State serves students with disabilities fully and completely. The College provides equal access for all students to programs, facilities, and services of the College. It is the student’s responsibility to voluntarily self-disclose a disability to Disability Access in order to apply for reasonable accommodations. Students are also responsible to apply in a timely manner and to follow the process established by the college which includes the following steps:

  1. Contact Disability Access for an appointment to discuss the process, including self-disclosing a disability and requesting accommodations.
  2. Provide professional documentation that meets the University System of Georgia/ Board of Regents guidelines.
  3. Allow time to determine eligibility for services and for accommodations to be implemented.

Disability Access is located within the Dean of Students office in the Pope Student Center, upper level. For additional information visit the website at or contact Disability Access at 706/272-2524.

Disability Access Grievance Policy and Procedure

Dalton State desires to provide appropriate and effective Disability Access Services that comply with all federal, state, local, University System of Georgia, and Dalton State mandates and guidelines. Any individual who is of the opinion that our efforts to provide Disability Support Services are non-compliant or are discriminatory, have the following DSS Grievance Procedure to use to seek resolution of the concern:

  • Complete the Grievance Form, found on the back of the Disability Support Services Grievance Policy brochure. (The brochure is available in Academic Resources, the Office of Enrollment Services, the Office of Academic Affairs, and on the web at
  • Provide all requested information.
  • Submit the Grievance Form, within 30 days of the last attempt at resolution, in person, by appointment, or to an individual selected from the list provided below. Be prepared to discuss the concern and any additional information that is requested, and to accept a follow-up appointment within ten (10) College business days.
  • If needed, participate in additional meetings and activities necessary to resolve the concern.
The individual who receives the grievance will:
  1. Review the grievance and record on a Grievance Documentation Form any additional information generated during the visit.
  2. Attempt an immediate resolution of the concern, if feasible. If an immediate resolution is not feasible, schedule a follow-up appointment with the individual within ten (10) College business days and record the plan and appointment on the bottom of the Grievance Documentation Form. Sign the form, have the individual sign, and provide the individual with a copy of the form.
  3. Within three to five (3-5) College business days, prepare and mail to the address provided at the top of the Grievance Form, a follow-up letter confirming the receipt of the completed Grievance Form, and the follow-up appointment.
  4. Within the next ten (10) College business days, gather additional information and determine the individuals to be involved in the resolution process. Guide the determination of plausible resolutions to the concern.
  5. Document all resolution activities on DSS Grievance Documentation Forms.
  6. Meet with the student, as previously scheduled, and discuss the status of the Grievance and proposed resolutions. Schedule a follow-up appointment with the student within 3 College business days to sign the final resolution agreement letter. Prepare a letter to the student outlining details of the resolution, individuals responsible for the components of the resolution, and time frames for implementation.
  7. In person, at the previously scheduled appointment, the student and the individual coordinating the resolution process, will be expected to sign the resolution agreement letter and an exact duplicate of the original, for the DSS file. The student will be given the original letter and a copy of the duplicate. A copy of the original letter and the duplicate will be placed in the student’s DSS file. A copy will be provided to each of the aggrieved parties, and to the ADA Coordinator, for the institutional file.
  8. Note: Until a resolution is reached, additional periods of resolution activities and meetings may be repeated, as long as all parties agree the process is moving forward and is productive. The content of discussion, actions taken, and status of the resolution process and plan will be noted on DSS Grievance Documentation Forms.
  9. If any participant determines that the process is no longer progressing, if a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be reached, or, if other avenues of resolution are not available to the staff person who is coordinating the resolution process, the status of the process will be noted on a Grievance Documentation Form. The staff person will arrange an appointment for the student to continue the resolution process with the next appropriate individual, and forward the original Grievance Form to that individual to enable preparation for the next appointment with the student. A copy of the Grievance Documentation Form will be provided to the student.
  10. The DSC Grievance Procedure is available to continue resolution of concerns that are not able to be resolved through the DSS Grievance Process.

Contact Information:

Andrea Roberson
Associate Director of Disability Access and Student Support Services
Pope Student Center, upper levels

ADA Coordinator
Pat Chute, Vice President for Academic Affairs
Westcott Building

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services
Jodi Johnson
Office of Enrollment Services-Westcott Building

The mailing address for each of the individuals listed is: 650 College Drive, Dalton, GA 30720

Tutoring & Supplemental Instruction

Mission Statement:

Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction’s (SI) mission is to help students develop the academic skills needed for success in the classroom, encourage students to think critically, engage them in individual or group discussions where ideas and insights can be expressed, provide online resources to aid course achievement, and promote the academic confidence needed to become effective students.

Tutoring: Each student's need is assessed, and tutoring is tailored to meet specific learning styles. Students are then, at their own pace, helped to master academic challenges. Individual tutoring is available by appointment only. To request an individual tutor, visit Academic Resources. Return the form to AR and a schedule will be made depending on availability. Walk-in tutoring hours may be available during the semester. Check the Tutoring and Resource Lab schedule for current times.

Supplemental Instruction: SI is group tutoring where weekly peer facilitated study periods are attached to a specific course. SI Leaders sit in designated classes, work with the faculty member, and meet with enrolled students to assist with course success skills. Attendance for SI sessions is voluntary; however, those who attend SI sessions regularly tend to make higher grades and perform better in class. In sessions, students with the Leader’s assistance, have the opportunity to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop study strategies, and "test" one another before the professor does. The study skills acquired in SI sessions often help students perform better in other classes as well.

Student Support Services Resource Lab

The Resource lab is open to students who wish to work more independently with on-line success sites.  LearningExpress Library covers many topics such as Test Prep, CLEP, Citizenship skills, and Résumé assistance. Practice COMPASS tests, Web Math, Purple Math, Chomp-Chomp Grammar Bites, Learn Spanish, and many other sites are also available in this facilitated lab.

The Testing Center

Location: LIA 103. For additional information, contact: 706/272-2606

The Testing Center provides administration of all standardized tests and test proctoring for current and future Dalton State students. The Center also provides accommodations for students with disabilities. The Dalton State College Testing Center is certified by the National College Testing Association (NCTA).

See  for list of tests, times, and dates.