Student Handbook

***This handbook is not a contract. It is for informational purposes only and provides no rights to the reader.*** 

Administrative Procedures for Student Organizations

I. Initial Procedure of Recognition for Student Organizations

All potential new Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) must be approved by the Student Government Association.  Potential RSOs must submit the following items to the Office of Student Life before being considered for registration by the Student Government Association(SGA):

  • Request for RSO Status form
  • RSO Constitution
  • RSO roster which includes at least ten eligible student names and student ID numbers
  • A faculty/ staff advisor

All materials must be submitted by the Friday prior to a SGA meeting. At the SGA meeting, a representative of the potential RSO is required to present about their organization. SGA will then vote on whether or not to recognize the group. If approved and requesting a budget, the budget request will be reviewed and voted on by SGA.  After the meeting, the new RSO can function with full rights and responsibilities. The SGA recognition process also serves as the RSO registration for that academic year, however a full roster must be submitted after the RSO is approved.

II. Criteria for Recognition and Review Procedure

  1. Recognition shall be granted only to those organizations whose purpose and proposed activities are clearly related to the educational goals and mission of the college. Recognition shall be denied if the evidence presented shows that the proposed organization will present substantial likelihood of material interference or conflict with the educational process of the College or any of the following:
    1.  The regular and orderly operation of the College.
    2.  The requirement of appropriate discipline within the College community.
    3.  The academic pursuits of teaching, learning, and other campus activities.
    4.  The laws or public policies of the State of Georgia and the United States.
    5.  The statutes and regulations of the College and the Policies of the Board of Regents.
  2. If the Student Government Association disapproves recognition, the organization may appeal the decision to the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services, who shall review the same and affirm, reverse, or modify the decision. The appeal shall be in such form as the Vice President may require.

III. Rights of Student Organizations

Recognition and subsequent annual registration authorizes an organization:

  1. Student Life Support- Student Life provides support administratively through a staff liaison whose job it is to support all RSO efforts. Further, Student Life staff help RSOs navigate the processes for purchasing, advertising, fundraising, and other tasks.
  2. Student Life Funding- RSOs have the right to request Student Life funding each year, but are not guaranteed funding.
  3. Advertising- RSOs are the only student organizations which may advertise throughout campus and through official DSC channels such as the website and myDaltonState.
  4. Facilities- RSOs have the right to use DSC facilities and equipment, subject to College regulations governing the use of facilities and equipment, and to reasonable scheduling and clearance of particular facilities and equipment through the Office of Student Life.
  5. Advisor Support- All RSOs must have a full-time DSC faculty/staff advisor to support their student members and to help them be successful.

IV. Rules and Regulations Governing Student Organizations

  1. Financial Responsibility
    1. Use of allocated student activities monies must conform to the purpose and practices approved by the allocating authority and the policies of Dalton State College and the State of Georgia Board of Regents.
    2. Organizations shall carry on business transactions and contracted relations with punctual and timely discharge of valid obligations and prudent use of funds.
  2. Conformance with Organizational Purpose
    Activities of organizations must be in conformance with their applications’ stated purposes.
  3. Campus Displays
    All campus displays must be approved by Student Life including, but not limited to, posters, notices or banners. Any display which litters the campus or damages the property of the College or other persons or entities, or which is obscene, or which materially interferes with the regular and orderly operation of the College, is prohibited.
  4. Property Damage
    Unauthorized or malicious damage to the property of the College or other persons or entities resulting from organization activities is prohibited, and the student organization shall be responsible for all damages.
  5. Parades, Student Rallies, and Gatherings
    1. The patio outside the Student Center has been designated as a free speech area. Guidelines and procedures for using this area are available at
    2. Outside parades, student rallies, and other such gatherings which interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic on campus must be cleared with the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services and through the Public Safety Office before they may be undertaken, as well as with the proper civil authorities if held off campus. The policy of freedom of assembly and expression details this further, and includes a form to receive these approvals.
    3. Use of facilities, equipment, and other College property shall be subject to reasonable scheduling.
  6. Law Violations
    No organization shall commit, encourage, condone, or contribute to violations of College statutes and regulations, the Policies of the Board of Regents, or the law of the State of Georgia or the United States.
  7. Information to be submitted to Student Life
    A list of officers must be submitted to Student Life within seven days after each election.
  8. Student Publications
    1. Dalton State College policy regarding student publications is that student organization publications shall not contain material which is obscene or defamatory (as the same is defined by the Code of Georgia, Section 26-2101), or which may create a substantial likelihood of material interference with the regular and orderly operation of the College.
    2. Student organization publications shall abide by the guidelines and policies established by the Student Government Association.
  9. Student Code of Conduct- All RSO members must follow the DSC Student Code of Conduct at all times when they are representing their RSO, whether on or off campus.

V. Student Organization Fund Raising

Use of Dalton State College facilities or grounds for fund raising must be approved by Student Life, the Dean of Students, and the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs. Requests for approval must be submitted to Student Life using the request for Fund Raising Form found at Fund raising, as it pertains to student organizations, is defined as on-or-off campus seeking of funds or support by a student group from other forms of support; the selling and distribution of items, materials, products, or services; and the sponsorship of events where admission is charged.

  1. To be approved by Student Life, proposed student organization fund raising projects must comply with the following guidelines:
    1. Projects may not in any way interfere with normal academic programs or functions.
    2. Fund raising is not permitted in offices, classrooms, or corridors. Fund raising on and off campus may be conducted only in areas approved by Student Life, the Dean of Students, and the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs.
    3. Requests for approval should be submitted to Student Life at least two weeks prior to the proposed event.
    4. In considering the request, the primary concern will be placed on the stated purpose for which the fund raising activity is desired. Priority for requests will be given for fund raising activities that are (a) educational in nature or directly related to the curriculum, (b) philanthropic purposes, or (c) for the benefit of the Dalton State College population.
    5. Accounting Procedures:
      1. A contract, if applicable, may not be signed by an organization for a fund raising activity conducted on campus until it has been approved by Student Life, the Dean of Students, and the Vice President of Fiscal Affairs.
      2. A certificate showing receipts and disbursements for each approved fund raising activity must be given to Student Life within five (5) days following the completion of the activity.
      3. Procedures for collecting monies must be approved by Student Life. All monies will be submitted to Student Life for proper processing and accounting. No outside accounts are permitted.
      4. All checks must be made payable to Dalton State College (DSC).
    6. A separate request must be submitted for every fund raising activity.
    7. Activities involving student organization fund raising or other projects covered by the guidelines are subject to the following:
      1. An organization may not use coercive acts that might intimidate those persons from whom support is sought.
      2. No fund raising activity shall be in violation of Dalton State College policies, as stated in the Dalton State College catalog.
      3. No fund raising activity may violate any state law or local ordinance.
      4. All publicity must be approved through Student Life.
    8. Willful failure to comply with these rules will be grounds for denial of future requests.
  2. Requests for fund raising activities may be denied for any of the following reasons:
    1. Adequate resources are unavailable to assist in supporting the project.
    2. The requested activity is clearly outside the expressed purpose(s) of the organization as stated in its constitution and/or bylaws.
    3. The organization is on disciplinary probation, suspension, or inactive.
    4. The risk factor is deemed excessive.
    5. The requested activity is not consistent with College or Board of Regents’ policy.
    6. Another student organization has already planned a fund raiser during the dates requested.
    7. Another student organization has the same type of fundraiser planned and approved for the future.
  3. Within five days of the completion of a fundraiser, all receipts and the appropriate completion form are due to Student Life. All monies will be placed in the RSO Agency Account.

VI. Review and Enforcement of Regulations

The Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services shall periodically review the activities of all student organizations to determine if they are acting in compliance with College regulations. Charges of violations of College regulations may be brought against any recognized organization and shall be heard by the Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services or, at his/her discretion, by the Student Government Association. The Vice President or the Student Government Association may request the presentation of oral and documentary evidence at the hearing. He/she or the Student Government Association shall have a recording or transcript of the hearing prepared. The Vice President or the Student Government Association may impose any one or any combination of the following penalties upon an organization after consideration of the evidence presented at the hearing:

  1. Restriction of all or any privileges enjoyed as a recognized student organization.
  2. Monetary fines, withholding or withdrawal of allocated student activities monies.
  3. Restitution for damages.
  4. Probation of recognized status.
  5. Suspension of recognized status.
  6. Withdrawal of recognition.

An organization may appeal the imposition of any penalty to the President of the College, who shall review the action and affirm, reverse, or modify the same. The appeal and review shall be in such form as the President may require. The President may utilize the services of an existing or ad-hoc committee in determining the issues involved.

VII. Final Review Powers of the President

Upon notice and hearing, the President of the College may review at any time the recognition of any student organization, or any decision on disciplinary charges against any student organization, and make whatever final disposition of the matter is deemed necessary for the best interests of the College.

Awards and Recognitions

Special awards are given annually at Dalton State College to recognize students who have shown outstanding performance in an academic area. Academic Honors Convocation is held in the spring. Awards are presented by the School of Business, the School of Education, the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Science, Technology, and Mathematics, and the School of Health Sciences. Dalton State College Foundation Scholarships are typically awarded the same day as Honors Convocation.

Student Life holds its Annual Student Leadership Awards Banquet in the spring too.  During this time, student leaders, registered student organizations, and some faculty and staff are honored for their outstanding contributions to the enhancement of campus life.