Scientific Technology, Information Technology Concentration

Bachelor of Applied Science

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Scientific Technology is designed to provide applicants, who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree, the opportunity to continue their education in a field of science and/or technology and to pursue a career in a technology or manufacturing field.

Area A: Essential Areas
ENGL 1101English Composition I3
ENGL 1102English Composition II3
MATH 1111College Algebra3
Area B: Institutional Options
COMM 1110Fundamentals of Speech3
One of the following electives:1
Argumentation and Advocacy
Intro to Greek Mythology
Creative Writing
Natural Hazards
Appalachian Hist-Special Topic
Sports Hist & Amer Character
Mystery Fiction in Pop Culture
Christian Fiction/Pop Culture
Health & Wellness Concepts
Race and Ethnicity in America
Area C: Humanities/Fine Arts
Choose one to two ENGL course(s):3-6
World Literature I
World Literature II
British Literature I
British Literature II
American Literature I
American Literature II
Intro to Film as Literature
If only one ENGL course chosen, add one of the following:0-3
Art Appreciation
Expressions of Culture I
Expressions of Culture II
Music Appreciation
World Music
American Music
Theatre Appreciation
Area D: Science/Mathematics/Technology
MATH 1113Precalculus Mathematics3
Select one of the following lab science sequences:8
Principles of Biology I
Principles of Chemistry I
and Principles of Chemistry II
Principles of Geology
and Historical Geology
Introductory Physics I
and Introductory Physics II
Principles of Physics I
and Principles of Physics II
Area E: Social Sciences
HIST 2111United States History to 18773
or HIST 2112 United States Hist since 1877
POLS 1101American Government3
Select two of the following electives:6
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
Introduction to Geography
Intro to Human Geography
World Civilization to 1500 CE
World Civilization since 1500
United States History to 1877
United States Hist since 1877
Intro to World Religions
Intro to Political Science
State and Local Government
Comparative Politics
International Relations
Introduction to Psychology
Psychology of Adjustment
Human Development
Introduction to Sociology
Social Problems
Marriage and Family
Associate of Applied Science or Applied Technology Credits *
BUSA 2201Fundamentals of Computer Appli3
CAPS 1140Microcomputer Operating System3
CAPS 1145Introduction to Networks3
CAPS 1152Linux3
CAPS 1240Advanced Topics in CAPS3
CAPS 1270Routing & Switching Essentials3
CAPS 1275Comp Syst/Networking Security3
CAPS 1276Scaling Networks3
CAPS 1277Connecting Networks3
CAPS 2278CCNA Security3
CMPS 1301Principles of Programming I3
ELCT 1100PC Maint & Troubleshooting3
ELCT 2120A+ Certification Review3
Upper Level Academic Core:
ITEC 3251Linux II3
ITEC 3351Principles Mgmt Info Systems3
or MGIS 3351 Principles Mgmt Info Systems
ITEC 3352Management Application Prog I3
or MGIS 3352 Management Application Prog I
ITEC 3353Management Application Prog II3
or MGIS 3353 Management Applications Programming II
ITEC 3356Database Management Systems3
or MGIS 3356 Database Management Systems
ITEC 3390Management of IS Security3
or MGIS 3390 Management of IS Security
ITEC 4701System Analysis & Design3
or MGIS 4701 Systems Analysis & Design
Choose six of the following courses: At least three must be ITEC courses.18
Special Topics in ITEC
Internships in ITEC
Telecommunications Management
Application Development w/RPG
Information Resource Mgmt
Web-based MIS
Total Hours120
  • Equivalent Applied Technology Course at Georgia Northwestern Technical College
  • Dalton State College Course               Georgia Northwestern Course
  • CAPS 1140                                                      CIST 1135
  • CAPS 1145                                                      CIST 2451
  • CAPS 1152                                                      CIST 2431 (not currently taught)
  • CAPS 1240                                                      CIST 2921 or 2950 or 2351
  • CAPS 1270                                                      CIST 2452
  • CAPS 1275                                                      CIST 1601
  • CAPS 1276                                                      CIST 2453
  • CAPS 1277                                                      CIST 2454
  • CAPS 2278                                                      CIST 2455
  • CMPS 1130                                                     CIST 2341 or 2371 or 2381
  • ELCT 1100                                                      CIST 1122
  • ELCT 2120                                                      CIST 2122
  • BUSA 2201                                                     COMP 1000

**not equivalent courses, but can be substituted.