GFAC Courses


GFAC 1000. Intro to On-Set Film Productio. 6-0-6 Units.

Provides the first of an 18-credit hour certificate program which will provide an introduction to the skills used in on-set film production, including all forms of narrative media which utilize film-industry standard organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures. In addition to the use of topical lectures, PowerPoint presentations, videos and hand-outs, the course will include demonstrations of equipment and set operations as well as hands-on learning experiences. Students will learn: film production organizational structure, job descriptions and duties in various film craft areas, names, uses and protocols related to various pieces of professional on-set film equipment. Students will also learn, through lecture and exercises, how the various film craft relate to one-another on a working set, as well as how and why they all must operate in sync. In addition, students will learn skills related to networking and self-marketing.(F, S)

GFAC 2000. Film & TV Production Internsh.. 0-0-6 Units.

Upon successful completion of GFA Course 1, the GFA Film & Television Production Internship course is a 6 hour option as part of the 18 credit hours needed for the Georgia Film Academy (GFA) Certification Program. The course is designed to provide students with a basic level of on-set film production skills, knowledge and experience with film-industry standards, organizational structure, professional equipment and on-set procedures by giving students hands-on experience on the sets and offices of working film productions and businesses. Students will also have an opportunity to network and to build resumes in order to help market themselves with the intention of integrating into the film industry as entry-level workers. All productions will be conducted under the auspices of a professional production entity, production company studio or film business. All aspects of on-set and production office activities will be conducted at a level of professional standards common to the film industry. Particular emphasis will be placed on safety and the recognition and application of industry-standard safety practices. While some of the Internship course will feature a more in-depth analysis of the various production crafts, the bulk of the course will focus on professional-level projects, on which students will have active roles in on-set and production office crafts. Because of the compressed and sometimes unusual scheduling nature of film production, students must have flexibility in their own schedules to be able to work on these projects. To be selected to participate in a production, a student must commit to working as scheduled the full term of the project and must follow the professional standards. Students who cannot meet those standards will not be permitted to continue on the project. (F, S) Prerequisite: GFAC I000 – Introduction to On-Set Film Production

GFAC 2110. Set Constrc. & Scenic Painting. 6-0-6 Units.

Equips students with entry-level skills and knowledge of set construction for the film and television industry. Students will participate in goal oriented class projects including reading blueprints, set safety, use of power tools, carpentry, scenic paint and sculpting. A large emphasis will be placed on set etiquette including, but not limited to, attitude, professionalism and technique on and off set. Students are expected to attend open labs to complete course assignments. Pre-requisite: GFAC 1000; Program ready math and reading skills.(F, S)

GFAC 2120. Electric and Lighting. 0-6-6 Units.

Equips students with the skills and knowledge of electrical distribution and set lighting on a motion picture or episodic television set in order to facilitate their entry and advancement in the film business. The course is offered in collaboration with the Georgia Film Academy. Students will participate in goal-oriented class projects including power distribution, set protocol and etiquette, properly setting lamps, department lingo, how to light a set to feature film standards, motion picture photography, etc. A large emphasis will be placed on set etiquette including, but not limited to, attitude, professionalism and technique on and off set. Students are expected to attend open labs such as guest speakers or OSHA safety classes to complete course assignments. (F, S) Pre-requisite: GFAC 1000

GFAC 2130. Stage Craft: Grip and Rigging. 3-8-6 Units.

Provides an introduction and orientation to the practice of rigging and supporting grip equipment, cameras, vehicles and other physical/mechanical devices. Grips are first and foremost team members. In addition to a gaining a thorough knowledge of the equipment used in grip and rigging, students will engage in on-set exercises in inventory, maintenance, set-up, trouble-shooting, teamwork, set protocol and safety. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to work on a motion picture production set. As such, student responsibilities are matched to potential responsibilities as a team member on a production set as closely as possible. (F, S) Pre-requisite: GFAC 1000

GFAC 2140. Intro Special Makeup Effects. 6-0-6 Units.

Provides students with entry-level skills and knowledge in practical Special Effects (SFX) Make Up for the film and television industry. Students will participate in goal-oriented class projects including fabrication, material safety, use casting materials, professional make-up, sculpting, airbrushing, and design. A large emphasis will be placed on set etiquette including, but not limited to, attitude, professionalism and technique on and off set. Students are encouraged to attend open labs to refine their skills when available to further practice what they learned in class.(F, S)
Prerequisites: GFA 1000.

GFAC 2150. Post Pro:Film/TV/Avid Ed,DI,SC. 6-0-6 Units.

Is designed to certify students with Avid Media Composer User Certification. This certification is recognized world-wide as the industry standard for assistant editors in feature films and broadcast television. This course will equip students with a unique skillset and knowledge of industry standard digital imaging, editorial process and story forging on both motion picture or episodic nonlinear productions. At the end of the course the students will be qualified to advance a career in entertainment post production of film and television.(F, S)
Prerequisites: GFAC 1000.

GFAC 2160. Production Accounting. 3-0-3 Units.

This course is designed to give students a broad understanding of Production Accounting and related production concepts. Students will learn the fundamentals of Production Accounting for the entertainment industry, including how to manage the finances on a production and maintain accurate records. This course will explain the relationship between the production accounting department, the producers, the production office and set. Practical experience will be created by the use of industry standard software.
Prerequisites: GFAC 1000.