Certified Nursing Assistant


Upon completion of this program, the student will be prepared for employment in acute care facilities, long-term institutions, and/or home health agencies. Applicants must meet specific program admission requirements as well as Dalton State College admission requirements for certificate students. This program is available only in selected semesters and enrollment is limited. Students who wish to be considered for admission to this program should contact a program instructor at 706-272-4599 or the administrative assistant at 706-272-2658.

CNAS 1110Basic Nursing Assistant Skills4
CNAS 1111CNA Clinical Skills I4
CNAS 1131CNA Clinical Skills II4

 CNA Program Admission Requirement:

  1. High school students wishing to enroll are eligible in their senior year.
  2. Official acceptance to Dalton State College.

Students admitted to the program must provide the following documents before being eligible to begin clinicals.

  1. Liability insurance
  2. Physical examination report
  3. CPR certification

Please be advised that there may be additional costs for uniforms, equipment testing, liability insurance, books and other items as needed. For a listing of these additional costs, please see an official in your program office.


CNAS 1110. Basic Nursing Assistant Skills. 3-2-4 Units.

This course emphasizes the needs of the elderly and other persons requiring the services of nursing facilities or home care. It focuses on nursing assistant skills and functions, safety and the psychosocial approach to the care of the resident. Caring, understanding, and respect for the clients/patients as individuals are important attitudes conveyed to the nursing assistant. Skills such as body mechanics and safety, feeding, bathing and bed making are practiced in the nursing lab before applying these skills in the clinical setting. (Career Course)
Prerequisites: Permission of instructor

CNAS 1111. CNA Clinical Skills I. 2-4-4 Units.

The purpose of this clinical practicum is to provide the student with opportunity to utilize developing skills acquired in the classroom and lab of CNAS 1110. The goal of these skills includes: acquiring insight into his/her personal development, developing and utilizing communication skills, and to safely and effectively relate theory as presented in the classroom setting to the individual patient in a clinical area (examples: Geriatrics and Acute Care Hospitals and a variety of home care environment). (Career Course)
Prerequisites: CNAS 1110

CNAS 1131. CNA Clinical Skills II. 1-5-4 Units.

This course builds upon the basic Certified Nursing Asistant concepts with an expansion of the role of the Certified Nursing Asistant in order to more fully function both within and outside the structure of the healthcare facility. Subject areas included are client/patient care, communication skills, client/patient reporting/documentation and caring for the client/patient's environment. (Career Course)
Prerequisites: CNAS 1111

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